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2015 Alligator Permits SOLD OUT


For customers who attempted to purchase a permit on July 14th, if a "completed transaction" occured on your bank account, then you will be receiveing a permit from the MDWFP.  Permits will be mailed from a company called Active Outdoors. Pending transactions are not considered a completed transaction.  

Additionally, an alligator hunting packet will be mailed from the MDWFP to all permit holders.  It will contain special information and a copy of the 2015 Alligator Hunting Guide.   

MDWFP Alligator Program

Ricky Flynt
Alligator Program Coordinator
(601) 432-2217


Due to limited space the training course is limited to only public water permit holders and private lands voucher holders. Registration is required.  To register, click on the image link below:

BANNER Alligator Training Course 2015


The MS Alligator Hunting Training Courseis offered to each person who is issued a Public Waters Permit or Private Lands Voucher.  The training course has limited attendance, therefore, limited to permitted hunters for that year only.  However, each permitted hunter is allowed to bring one (1) guest to the training course. Registration for the classes is an electronic process that is available after permits have been issued. There is no charge for attendance to the training courses. The training courses provide information on alligator history, biology, MDWFP Alligator Program, all alligator hunting regulations, capture methods, capture gear, harvest methods, processing meat and hides, harvest reporting and documentation, how/where to purchase licenses and possession permits, and much more.

The only course offered for 2015 will be at Roosevelt State Park on August 15, 2015.

A morning and an afternoon course will be offered.

Training Course Directions and Instructions

ROOSEVELT STATE PARK (9:00AM Course) Instructions Letter (Click Here)

ROOSEVELT STATE PARK (1:00PM Course) Instructions Letter (Click Here)




Public Waters Season: 12:00 noon August 28 - 12:00 noon September 7, 2015

Private Lands Season: 12:00 noon August 28 - 6:00 am September 21, 2015


Heflin Gator pic

Alligators may be found all across Mississippi.  They are most prevalent in the southern two-thirds of the state (south of Hwy 82).  While alligators typically avoid humans and human activity, occassionally they do cause conflicts with humans.  Juvenile alligators often disperse into new territiories in the late spring and early summer months.  During this dispersal they occassionally find themselves in unusual locations near human development, such as; farm ponds, road ditches, highways, parking lots, yards, swimming pools, neighborhood water landscape pools, and even buildings.  It is illegal and very dangerous for the public to capture and remove or kill an alligator without special permit from the MDWFP.    As human developments (residential and commercial) continue to encroach into more rural areas of the state, increased interaction and conflicts with wildlife are subject to occur.

Ricky Flynt
Alligator Program Coordinator
(601) 432-2217


Download the 2015 Alligator Hunting Guide (Click Here)

GUIDE cover JPG 2015 

Alligator Hunting Information 

Nuisance Alligator Program Information

Alligator Articles & Video Clips

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