Wildlife & Hunting

Habitat Management Articles from Popular Outlets

General Habitat Management

Managing Habitat: What to do in the Spring and Summer - published in Mississippi Outdoors in 2014

Wildlife Management Success Stories: More is Better - multiple-species management article in Mississippi Outdoors in 2014

Food for Thought: Identifying Food Sources and Habitat for Game Animals - published in Mississippi Outdoors in 2014 

Field Management

Oldfield Management - managing field habitats for multiple species article in Quality Whitetails in 2007

Native Warm-Season Grasses: The Cover You've Been Looking For - published in Wildlife Issues in 2007

Forest Management 

Quality Vegetation Management - published in Quality Whitetails in 2005

Intensively-Managed Pine Plantations, Barren Wastelands? or... Potential Deer Habitat? - pine site-preparation article in Quality Whitetails in 2005

Food plots

A Perennial Plan - published in Mississippi Outdoors in 2008

Increasing Pine Plantation Wildlife Habitat and Recreation with Hub and Spokes - published in Wildlife Trends in 2006 

Salvaging Your Dove Field - published in Mississippi Outdoors in 2012 

Other topics

A Birds-Eye View of Deer Habitat Quality - landscape-scale look at deer habitat quality published in Quality Whitetails in 2011