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Aerial Survey Reports

MDWFP biologists fly aerial waterfowl surveys in the Mississippi Delta from November to January.  Surveys are typically conducted four times a year along randomly selected transects.  As we fly along the east-west transects, we count all of the ducks within a 250-meter strip.  Each group of ducks is recorded with a Global Positioning System (GPS) to generate the maps below.  We then use the total number of ducks counted along the transects to calculate an estimate of all of the ducks in the Mississippi Delta .  While not a complete count of all waterfowl, these estimates provide an accurate index of waterfowl abundance throughout the Delta. This information is regularly used by both MDWFP and hunters to identify key wetland areas for waterfowl and to track responses of waterfowl to changes in weather and habitat.  In fact, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission adopted this survey method in 2009 will help biologists and hunters better understand waterfowl migration throughout the lower Mississippi Flyway.   


2014-2015 Aerial Surveys

2013-2014 Aerial Surveys

2012-2013 Aerial Surveys




2011-2012 Aerial Surveys


View of Howard Miller during a November flight.


2010-2011 Aerial Surveys



Large flock of snow geese observed during a December flight.


2009-2010 Aerial Surveys


Large group of ducks on a flooded cypress brake in the Delta.




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Delta Wildlife annually provides MDWFP with financial assistance for conducting aerial surveys.