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From Here to There
January 28, 2023 - May 7, 2023

Explore the science of how things move by land, sea, and air!

Lift, launch, and levitate as you experiment with hands-on exhibits that make learning about gravity, friction, and the laws of motion fun.

Ride a hovercraft to experience how air pressure works, adjust wind speed to form fabric into an airfoil, and float your sailboat to experiment with the effect of wind, rudder, and sail positions.

Turn up the heat to launch a colorful hot air balloon, operate an authentic canal lock system to move a boat from one water level to the next, and experiment with pneumatics, pulleys, hydraulics, and levers to see what kind of mechanical advantage works best.

From Here to There consists of eleven fun, interactive exhibits designed to spark conversation and encourage interaction among families, friends, and other museum visitors.

The exhibition is color-coded and divided into three main categories: transportation by land, sea, and air.

At the Simple Machines exhibit, use scoops, ramps, winches, and wheels to discover how simple machines can help move things across land. This ball-pit is fun for all ages, but is designed with the museum’s youngest visitors in mind.

One hundred feet of tubing allow you to send colored balls in a rushing channel of air from one Air Transport station to another. Watch the balls as they dart across walls, over your head, and appear at the other station in record time.

In addition to exhibits like Water Locks and How Do Boats Sail Into the Wind? that explore transportation by water, you can interact with exhibits that explain the principles of how things move.

Feel the friction at Carry That Weight as you try to move different weights across dirt, train tracks, and through water.

Find out which is the Right Engine for the Job as you explore how internal combustion engines work to power anything from cars and airplanes to lawnmowers and snow blowers.

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The Rochester Museum & Science Center of Rochester, NY and the Sciencenter of Ithaca, NY developed From Here to There as part of the Traveling Exhibits At Museums of Science (TEAMS) collaborative. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, From Here to There is sponsored locally by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation, Feild Co-Operative Association, Walker Foundation, W.A. Taylor Foundation, and other generous sponsors.

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

Kids using exhibits

from here to there exhibit mississippi museum of natural science

from here to there exhibit mississippi museum of natural science

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