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A Mississippi Lifetime License is a great investment, even for out-of-state hunters. Hunters and fishermen will gain a solid return on value and convenience while helping guarantee generations of hunting and fishing opportunities.

A Lifetime License has cost savings benefits and avoids future license increases. Plus, it saves time and the inconvenience of renewing or purchasing an annual license! 

All Lifetime License fees are put into the Wildlife Endowment Fund. The interest generated by that fund will be used to help pay for wildlife management and enforcement programs, research projects, and educational activities. Your investment today will give you a direct return in Mississippi wildlife, a bonus your children and grandchildren can also enjoy.

To purchase a Lifetime License;

  1. Lifetime Sportsman - you must provide proof of domicile of Mississippi for a minimum of 18 consecutive months.
  2. Non-Resident Mississippi Native Lifetime - you must be a native-born Mississippian proving you were born in the state of Mississippi and parent's address was in Mississippi OR if you were not born in Mississippi, the parents' address was in Mississippi at the time of your birth.
  3. Lifetime Sportsman MIL - you must provide proof of parent being born in Mississippi. Must also provide official documents indicating parent was on active military service at the time of your birth.

 Learn more about Lifetime Licenses by viewing the brochure. 

 Download Lifetime License Brochure

Lifetime License Price Process Fee
Lifetime Sportsman's License - Birth through Age 12
$500.00 $0
Lifetime Sportsman's License - Age 13 and Over
$1000.00 $0
Lifetime Sportsman Native MIL - Birth through Age 12 $500.00 $0
Lifetime Sportsman Native MIL - Age 13 and Over $1000.00 $0
Non-Resident Mississippi Native Lifetime
$1500.00 $0

Does not include Alligator Possession, State and Federal Water Fowl, and Shooting Range Permit. For details call the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks at 601.432.2400.

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